Mindful Birth - from pain to empowerment

Welcome to Mindful Birth –
a birth preparation course for you.


Do you feel excited? Anxious? With many unanswered questions? 

What you're experiencing right now is an important part of your journey towards giving birth. You, and only you, can know what your needs are. Your child is growing in your belly, and together with your partner, you have all the resources needed to provide a safe and beautiful beginning for your baby – for all of you.

Mindful Birth is a course specifically created to help you get in touch with these resources. Over the course of four evenings, we will offer you insight and knowledge, practical excercises, focused meditations and expanding conversations, together with other woman  in a safe and relaxed environment.

We see Mindful Birth as an empowering antidote to the fear of birth, where the practice of meditation and the listening to your body and your senses are gateways to a transforming and bold birth experience. You're invited to join us on a journey to explore a more mindful, more trusting and  empowered birth – and how you can find your resources to make it all happen. 

Here are some of the things you will learn in your Mindful Birth classes:


  • Mindfulness during pregnancy and labor
  • Working with the natural stages of birth
  • Conscious breath, conscious movements
  • Self hypnosis practices
  • Empowerment through understanding fear and pain
  • Love and interaction with partner and baby
  • Body, sexuality and how presence and pleasure can play a role in birth
  • Practical excercises, homework and dialogue
  • Time for your questions

Mindful Birth takes place in Oslo over the course of 4 Wednesday evenings. 
The next course begins February, 3th 2016, 6pm-8.30pm

To register, send me an email at helene@bevisstfoedsel.no 

Course fee 3200,- kr. Bring a friend, and get 10% discount. Payment required within 27th of January.

You will be welcomed by Helene Habberstad. Helene is an experienced midwife, a birth visionary, trauma healing therapist (SEP)  and teacher of Tai Chi Kineo. Her heart burns for women and their partners and babies, for good, natural birth experiences- and for the art of surfing. 

Together, I invite you to a safe space, with room for women, the feminine, the strong and the vulnerable. Everything to support you on your way towards a more mindful, calmer and better birth.

Posted on March 4, 2015 .